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 We are a team of dedicated and passionate individuals specialising in a variety of video production fields, we have experience in providing quality productions for a broad range of  uses be it broadcast, web based or Blue ray/DVD format.

Our team is made up of enthusiastic individuals who are talented and have an eye for detail. We take pleasure doing what we do, we are all very down to earth and enjoy working as a team to provide our clients with a service that is tailored and second to none.
 What started out as a series of hobbies gradually developed into a series of passions and then expanded 
 into a network of like minded people who enjoy each others company and friendship. 

We see our clients projects as expressions of a message be it a promotional video for an event/service or a corporate training

video for an organisation, for this reason we ensure that each project is unique, fresh and personal.   

We look forward to working with and for you.

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