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 Each project is different however our process is fairly similar.

We will usually discuss with the client over the phone in order to get a brief idea of what is required eg: budget, time span, format etc.

We then get back to the client with a proposal based on the info and ideas given. 

Once we agree on what is to be carried out we agree on the price and terms and take the deposit.

Depending on the nature of the project we plan and liase together leading up to production.

When the production is underway we communicate with the client enabling changes and edits to be made and keeping them informed of our progress. A unique set of digits will be given so that the client can view their video, this is secure and can only be viewed by entering the digits given into the view my video section on the home page.

When the video is completed  and approved we request the balance to be paid.

The video is then delivered in the format/s agreed in the early stages. 


 An email from our payments department will contain all details regarding amounts, deposits, balances and account details etc.

This will always be sent before production commences except otherwise agreed.
This email will have a breakdown of your order/s and a request for the amount to be paid.
The request for payment email contains the link that will take you to the safe and secure payment section.


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