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 We are able to produce cost effective yet superbly filmed productions for schools and pre-schools be it a the annual nativity performance or a special leavers event.

 Our multi camera productions ensure professional results covering all angles, which can be purchased via the school or via our secure payment section if prefered.

 Over the past few years we have filmed and produced dvds entitled 'Snapshots' for preschools, these have been a huge success with both school and parents. The dvd has snippets of several different activities that the children participated in over the course of the year, creatively edited with voiceovers, interviews with teachers and music.

Parents have really appreciated being able to see clips of their little ones in the preschool environment!

 We would be more than willing to come and have a brief chat and show a brief sample of one of the previous years Snapshots of which we have obtained permission by the school.  

Feel free to contact us for any queries or further details.

+44 208 651 4093

+44 7939 638 157

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